The Future of Pipeline Integrity Management

Pipeline integrity management is crucial for ensuring pipelines operate efficiently and safely. While the simplistic view may suggest that checking for cracks, dents, or corrosion is enough, the reality is far more complex. 

With an increasing demand for energy during a time of restricted capital and new infrastructure, pipeline integrity management is becoming even more complicated. Looking ahead, economics will likely be the most significant factor shaping pipeline integrity management in the future.

How Economics Impacts Pipeline Integrity Management

Economics has always been a consideration in pipeline integrity management, but its importance is growing, driven by issues like the rising cost of capital, rising interest rates, and the need to provide returns to investors.

Despite the pressure to reduce carbon-sourced energy, there will be an ongoing need to invest in existing infrastructure to meet growing energy demand. This pressure places a premium on scaling operations to find more granular issues and develop preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

How Technology is Paving the Way

With these unique economic challenges, pipeline operators are tasked with threading a needle to get results, stay compliant, guarantee safety, and increase profitability. Many are leveraging the following capabilities to accomplish this feat:

High-Performance Inspection Systems

High-performance sensor platforms can monitor pipeline conditions, including wall thickness, cracks, metal loss, and deformations. These insights enable the early detection of issues, allow operators to take action before significant problems occur, and avoid unnecessary and costly digs. 

Data Analytics

The amount of data generated by advanced inspection systems is enormous, and the depth of insight empowers operators to find hidden trends and patterns that can help them maintain pipeline integrity. At NDT Global, we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze pipeline data, identify trends, and predict issues with the highest accuracy possible.

The Role of Professional Expertise

Data and technology alone aren't enough. To effectively address the challenges ahead, operators need access to deep and intimate expertise in pipeline integrity management. The right team of skilled professionals can help operators make sense of complex data sets and enhance their integrity management programs.

NDT Global’s world-class engineers, data analysts, and data scientists are immersed in pipeline integrity management and provide operators with the expertise and inline diagnostic solutions they need, when they need them.

Navigate the Challenges Ahead with Confidence

As pipeline integrity management becomes more complex, operators will need to dig deeper into their data and apply those findings to achieve long-term reliability, safety, and profitability. High-performance inspection systems, data analytics, and professional expertise are critical to meeting the challenges ahead.

At NDT Global, we understand that pipeline integrity management is an increasingly complex discipline. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to provide the best diagnostic data for a world of sustainable growth. Our inline diagnostic solutions combine the most advanced sensor capabilities with a world-class team of experts to provide the most powerful insights. That's the Power of Clarity.

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