Maximizing the Value of Pipeline Management for Your Business

The movement of fuels and other hazardous products over an extensive pipeline system is one of the most complex business endeavors on the planet. Unlike products produced in a factory or raw materials extracted in mining, pipeline infrastructure requires precise management over a large geographic footprint.

There are many threats to pipeline systems and infrastructure, including geological and manufacturing issues, third-party damage, and components nearing the end of their lifecycles. These threats are in the delivery path of products and impact system integrity and safety. 

Alongside architecture and infrastructure threats are equally challenging management issues, including cross-country and cross-national borders, local and international politics, rapidly evolving ESG initiatives, and emerging energy carriers, such as hydrogen. These issues weigh on decision-makers who must address them as vigorously as they do pipeline threats.

Pipeline infrastructure is at the core of every energy company's value chain. Those using advanced data-driven diagnostics can maximize the value of their pipeline management and ensure pipeline integrity over the long term.

Inspection Technology

Technology has advanced to help optimize pipeline management and leverage this critical value chain component, bringing the seamless extraction, refinement, and delivery of energy products closer to reality. 

At NDT Global, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to deliver the most precise and actionable data insights in the world. For emerging energy carriers like hydrogen, we remain committed through industry partnerships, technical research, and investments to empower our industry-leading experts to create new inspection systems that will carry these products safely and cost-effectively.

Data Analytics

Best-in-class inspection technology delivers more data than ever before. Robust inline inspection data sets and the accompanying analytics capabilities are vital to a holistic understanding of the integrity and performance of a pipeline system. Diagnostic data offers the opportunity to review data across an extended period so managers can make decisions that align with the company's long-term goals and investment strategy.

Advanced analytics utilizes inputs from across the enterprise that may have been excluded from traditional inspection regimes. Over time, using these analytics with production and extraction data provides a more comprehensive picture of trends and realities. When combined with deep industry knowledge and advanced skillsets, data can be developed into an accurate and agile decision support model.

Technical Analysis and Expertise

Maximizing the value of pipeline management isn't just about the right data and technology; it takes the right expertise to reap the full value of data and take operations to new heights.

NDT Global’s team of experts has deep industry-specific knowledge and experience. Data analysts review data to extract key insights to identify the critical spots. They are supported by data engineers and scientists, which produce algorithms to prepare the data and automatize tasks to deliver the most precise and reproducible information. Integrity consultants help companies identify how to put this data to work and develop the solution that best fits their current and future needs.


With profitability, safety, brand reputation, and global economic implications at stake, energy companies must rely on more than just data and equipment; they must lean on expertise that leverages these tools to make intelligent, informed decisions for ongoing maintenance, unplanned events, and long-term growth opportunities.

NDT Global is constantly pushing the limits of diagnostic technologies. We are committed to providing the best, most actionable inline inspection data to drive decision-ready insights that enable you to maximize your pipeline value while protecting the health and safety of people and the environment. It’s what we call the Power of Clarity. 

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