Blog: Beyond Zero: We ACT on Our Promise

Niall Walsh - Vice President, HSEQ

Beyond Zero: We ACT on Our Promise

Since 2019, NDT Global has committed to making "Zero Harm" a fundamental part of our corporate strategy. By embracing this approach, we have transformed our safety performance, enhanced our culture, and and driven our recordable accident statistics to Zero. It also culminated in the business achieving internationally recognized Health and Safety Awards through the Energy Institute and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

However, despite our positive advancements we felt it was important to consider what comes next and how we can sustain high performance into the future. We wanted to avoid Zero accident statistics being considered as a final objective, which could limit the scope of positive outcomes.

That is why in keeping with our core values of Accountability, Customer-Centricity, and Technological innovation or "ACT", we reaffirmed our pledge to ACT on Our Promise, by taking our strategic position to the next level, and going "Beyond Zero Harm".

"Beyond Zero” is an all-inclusive, holistic approach designed to engage employees and customers alike. By addressing many sources of potential harm, our aim is to drive ambitious, sustained, and continuous improvements in HSEQ performance, while elevating the mental health and wellbeing of our employees and enhancing the resilience and sustainability of our business.

Key aspects of our approach include:

  • Continued focus on acute harm associated with high-risk activities, with increasing emphasis on physical and mental health and wellbeing

  • Increased representation of diverse groups within the workforce

  • Increased priority on environmental impacts, with commitment to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025 and "Net Zero" emissions by 2030, considering:

  1. Business travel and fuel consumption

  2. Reduction of non-renewable energy consumption and substitution with renewable sources

  3. Increased localization in supply chain to reduce transport emissions

  4. Reduction in waste generation e.g., lithium batteries, packaging, plastic, paper, etc.

This strategy provides the principals that will drive our action plans now and into the future. It ensures we adapt and remain resilient to the prevailing challenges in the world today such as the pandemic, climate change, etc.

The image below illustrates the areas of focus, and through active collaboration, best practice, and decisive action, together we will deliver better outcomes for our people, our customers, and the environment. Our vision is for "Beyond Zero Harm" to become the foundation of our company's culture, and to build on the progress and momentum we have achieved so far.

Beyond Zero Infogaphic