Blog: A “Fresh Look” at NDT Global

Nathan Leslie - Vice President, Products and Marketing

Last year, NDT Global became part of Eddyfi/NDT, an innovative industrial technology group focused on advanced diagnostic technologies to monitor the world’s infrastructure health. That event, together with other recent acquisitions, means we are now supported by an increasingly talented global workforce, enhanced technologies and an unprecedented capacity to innovate. The added strength and scope of our inspection, data analysis and integrity assessment capabilities positions us to expand our offering and open new markets. And while we are determined to maintain our commitment to product and technology leadership, we have taken the initiative to make agility and customer focus key priorities going forward.

It all adds up to a lot of positive change. But if our business is growing and evolving, shouldn’t our corporate BRAND reflect the augmented value we deliver, together with our renewed goals and promises? We believe it should. That’s why, in recent months, we’ve taken the opportunity to refresh the NDT Global brand in line with our strategy and leadership vision.

Our company’s purpose has been defined as follows: NDT Global is committed to enabling a safer world for people, business and nature, by providing the best diagnostic data to drive decision-ready insights.

This focused ambition is supported by several guiding principles:

  • To keep business thriving in harmony with the natural environment, while going “Beyond Zero Harm”

  • To constantly push the boundaries of technology and innovation in order to deliver the best diagnostic data and actionable insights

  • To always go above and beyond for the customer through collaboration and partnership

We’ve revamped our logo and brand signature accordingly, to showcase the ‘new’ NDT Global — together with our mission, purpose and core values — and give it a fresh bold look.

The new logo captures our updated brand identity in its balancing of blue (business) and green (environment), as well as technology (straight edges) and nature (curved contours, leaf shape). The two arrows meeting in the middle suggest a ‘handshake’ between partners. Finally, the tagline below is an expression of our Brand Promise: The Power of Clarity refers to the fact that only the best technology can capture the best data, to drive the best decisions, leading to the best outcomes — for business, people and the environment.

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve already noticed the new website. We hope you like what you see! More changes are on the way, including to social media communications and collateral tools. What will not change, however, is the excellence of our service delivery, the quality of data we provide, and the unmatched dedication and expertise of our talented people. We will continue to strive to give all our customers The Power of Clarity via precise diagnostic insights.

That’s a promise.