Integrated Engineering Assessment

Replace Hydrostatic Testing through Data-Driven-ILI

Operators have historically used hydrostatic testing to assess the integrity of a pipeline and reduce failures. However, hydrostatic testing is not only costly but due to the extreme pressure introduced it may cause cracks to grow. In addition, as hydrostatic testing is a destructive testing method, providing only a pass/fail outcome, does not offer insightful information about the true condition of an operator’s pipeline. Because of its inclusion in standard integrity management programs, many operators are not aware of alternative, reliable methods for assessing the health and integrity of their pipeline.

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NDT Global envision a society with zero harm to people, business, and nature by delivering the best pipeline inspection technology and analytical data. To reduce operator costs, avoid unnecessary damage to pipelines, reduce risk, and efficiently and effectively manage integrity of pipelines, NDT Global's team of experts together with their sister company Dynamic Risk, have developed the Integrated Engineering Assessment service.

Integrated Engineering Assessment is a comprehensive study removing the need to hydrostatic test, by using an advanced engineering assessment leveraging the accuracy of NDT Global's ILI technology and data expertise with the Risk Modelling and Engineering expertise of Dynamic Risk in conjunction with an established database of critical defects.

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  • Integrated engineering assessment leverages advanced analysis of ILI data to ensure confidence in pipeline integrity

  • Allows operators to prioritize anomaly investigations through analysis of a statistically proven and defensible integrity model

  • Compatible with full NDT Global ILI and UT pipeline inspection portfolio depending on operator requirement

  • Eliminates hydrostatic testing or significantly extends the time between testing intervals, reducing costs and the risk of unnecessarily damaging the pipeline

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