Wax Rich Line

 Wax configured ultrasonic inspection tool

Significant amounts of wax or paraffin deposits can still be in a line, even after lengthy and careful cleaning. Issues such as the pour point can lead to wax falling out of the oil, immediately after a cleaning run, making it next to impossible to achieve a completely clean wall prior to launching an intelligent inspection tool. To overcome these issues, NDT Global offers an intelligent survey using a wax configured ultrasonic inspection tool, specifically developed for pipelines with high wax content. The NDT Global solution is simple in its principle, by allowing bypass of the pipeline medium, the liquid can be used to flush the ultrasonic sensors to keep them clear from the build-up of wax deposits. This solution has proven an effective modification and has significantly helped pursue NDT Global's target of 100% first run success.


  • A unique flushing system which prohibits wax deposits forming on the sensors.
  • Nano coated sensor holders also for avoiding settling down of wax on the sensors.
  • Cleaning cups are fitted to each module, ahead of the sensor carrier, to clean the pipe wall.
  • Modified odometer wheels are placed on the back of the tool, avoiding odometer wheel slippage, allowing the tool to run in distance mode. No time based mode is required!