Multi-diameter tool

 Unique and challenging pipelines

The pipelines that traverse the world have a multitude of lengths and diameters. Some even have multiple diameters in a single segment. These multi-diameter lines pose unique challenges for operators when trying to achieve successful inline inspections (ILI).

Lines typically present dual-diameter, a single step diameter change, and multi-diameter, a multi-step diameter change. For example, a single step change would be a pipe variant of 22" – 24" while a multi-diameter change would be a pipe variant of 24" – 28". To date, to gain a complete assessment of these lines operators have been performing multiple inspections - an ILI for each diameter. Some ILI providers cannot navigate these lines at all, deeming them unpiggable.

To address these multi-diameter lines, NDT Global has developed a fleet of tools to combat these unique and challenging pipelines. These tools have the ability to not only navigate, but also fully inspect multiple diameters in a single inspection, saving operators considerable costs in performing multiple inspections.


  • Fewer in-line inspections being performed on a line
  • Reduced program costs associated with in-line inspections
  • Improved pipeline integrity management program
  • Available diameters: 6" to 48"