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ART Scan

The ART Scan tool performs ultrasonic inline inspection of pipelines using gas or liquid as a coupling medium.

Using acoustic resonance technology, the ART Scan inspection tool provides sub-millimeter accuracy wall thickness measurements in both gas and liquid pipelines. Beyond wall thickness, the non-contact sensors also provide a full geometry survey of dents, buckles, out-of-straightness and ovality.

ART Scan is a short, light-weight inspection tool, with the capacity to inspect even the longest pipelines in a single run. The tool is available in dual-module design for multi-diameter capability and in single-module setup for bi-directional operations. The ART Scan tool is unquestionably the “go-to” platform for challenging pipelines.


  • Direct wall-thickness measurement in gas lines, with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Inspection of heavy-wall gas pipelines (up to 75 mm) at full production without compromising measurement specifications
  • Multi-diameter and bi-directional options available in all sizes
  • Accurately inspects through paraffin (wax) and rough surfaces in liquid lines

ART Scan Inspection

Speak with a regional inline inspection expert about ART Scan's ability to detect and size metal loss in your liquid pipeline