NDT Global offers a full set of tool solutions to best fit with any pipeline integrity management issues that operators present. A key facet in the pipeline inspection services we provide is the leading-edge range of ultrasonic inline inspection (ILI) robots.

Understanding the complexities and challenges that may arise when conducting an ILI has been integral to the research and development of NDT Global's Evo Series 1.0 pipeline inspection robots. No matter what the geographical location, topographical profile, the conditions in which it lies, we have a pipeline inspection robot to meet your requirements.

Interacting threats are a very real, considerable danger to pipeline integrity. An individual defect may not cause major concern to an operator; however, the unearthing of multiple threats of different natures can be potentially critical to the safe operation of a pipe segment. To help operators mitigate the risks associated with interacting threats, NDT Global commits itself to ongoing research and development to deliver the most accurate and reliable ultrasonic ILI services available today. Through the development of multiple ultrasonic tools and their potential combinations, operators can customize and select the corresponding tools to fit their inspection requirements.

Technology Selection Guide

The development of dedicated inspection tools and technologies, combined with integrity services offered throughout the inspection service process, enables operators to find the solution to best fit their needs. The availability of dedicated inline inspection tools allows for the assessment of threats in isolation and interacting with another. Our experienced data analysis team provide combined analysis and reporting. Such reports enable operators to make informed decisions regarding their pipelines' integrity, prioritizing and managing interacting threats.

Evo Series 1.0 UC

Ultrasonic crack inspection identifies and sizes crack-like irregularities early in their formation. This enables pipeline operators to maintain a proactive integrity management program, helping them to mitigate the threats caused by cracks. The Evo Series 1.0 UC has been designed to for high-precision inspection of axial cracks in the pipe body and seam welds, including stress corrosion cracking.

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Evo Series 1.0 UCc

Features that appear due to circumferential cracking are often the result of them coexisting with circumferential welds and/or local stress/strain accumulation, due to soil movement. Our Evo Series 1.0 UCc tool allows operators to make better-informed selections and prioritizations of how to manage their pipeline integrity program efficiently.

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Evo Series 1.0 UMp

The accurate measurement of corrosion and gouging plays an integral role in determining safe operating pressure and maintaining pipeline integrity. Our Evo Series 1.0 UMp ultrasonic metal loss inspection service offers a thorough ILI with quantitative direct wall thickness measurements. The service reliably detects and sizes defects as small as 5 mm (0.2 in).

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Evo Series 1.0 Atlas UG

The Atlas UG inspection service, by using multiple sensors, takes advantage of the direct measurement principle, offering enhanced identification and classification of anomalies. Geometry inspection has previously been reliant on mechanical caliper-based tools. However, these tools come with limitations as the tools' arms suffer from lift-off, offering a misrepresentation of a deformation's shape.

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Atlas INS 3D Tool

Bending strain is a leading cause of pipeline buckling. By leveraging high-resolution INS data acquisition, Atlas INS helps to identify and locate areas susceptible to bending strain in pipelines. It offers the most reliable means of identifying potential areas of deformation in pipe walls close to, or exceeding, the steel's critical strain limit.

Eclipse UCx

High-precision inspection of axial cracks in welds. The NDT Global UCx Enhanced Sizing methodology is capable of sizing the full range of crack depths up to 100% wall thickness. The removal of depth sizing limitations provides operators with more accurate data for better informed decisions regarding pipeline operations. Enhanced Sizing is an example of the ongoing research and development conducted by NDT Global and is reflected in our core values: Accuracy and Precision, Improvement through Innovation and Passion for Excellence. NDT Global's UCx technology improves the depth sizing accuracy of cracks by 20%. This advancement further enhances the data operators rely on for the safe operation of their pipeline assets.

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Specially configured ILI tools to your requirements

We understand that every pipeline is unique. There is a multitude of variables that may impact on a pipeline's operation. As such, it is important to adopt a flexible approach to ILI pipeline inspection. In keeping with this, operators present lines that have multiple diameters in a single segment. To help operators avoid the significant costs that come with multiple inspections, NDT Global develop customized tools to inspect these pipelines in a single run.

The build-up of wax or paraffin deposits in a line present a specific and unique challenge. Wax-rich lines traditionally present obstacles for a successful ILI, as walls with wax built up can be difficult for an ILI tool to traverse. With this in mind, we offer an intelligent inspection robot developed specifically for wax-rich lines.