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About the event

The Pigging Products and Services Association (PPSA) was founded in 1990 by Jim Cordell and now has over 120 members from over 20 countries, representing the pigging industry throughout the world.

The Association is entirely funded by its members through their annual subscription fees. Its aims are, “To promote the knowledge of pigging and its related products and services by providing a channel of communication between the members themselves, and with users and other interested parties”.

PPSA plays a major role in providing information and sourcing equipment and services, for pipeline operators and the industry generally and responds to hundreds of inquiries each year.

The PPSA website enables visitors to source the products and services they need quickly and easily and provides a link to PPSA's technical information service.

PPSA runs seminars and training courses on pigging, sponsors lectures and meetings about the subject, and supports relevant conferences.

The Papers

Bi-Directional High-Resolution Inspection of a Subsea Flexible Riser

Presented by Thomas Mrugala, NDT Global and Arve Vestbø, Equinor (TBC)

Equinor, a North Sea operator, required an inline inspection of a subsea pipeline used for transporting gas and gas condensate from a subsea template to a platform that was essential to the company’s ongoing operations. To assess the conditions of the critical parts of this asset, which had never been inspected, 720 m of 10" diameter flexible riser and end fittings needed to be examined.This paper will explore the practical application of NDT Global's, bi-directional, free-swimming, ILI ultrasonic (UT) tool, to provide unique insights into the condition of the flexible riser - including stretching of the inner carcass and the end fitting position status.

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Pigging Products and Services Association (PPSA) Seminar
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