NDT Global Response to COVID-19

In response to the unprecedented levels of devastation, disruption and uncertainty Coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought to our lives, NDT Global would like to share some of the mitigating actions we are taking to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and their respective families as we closely monitor and follow local governmental, the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.

Our crisis management team was established from the outset of the pandemic, where we quickly implemented safety protocols to mitigate the risks to employee safety and maintain business continuity. Through proactive risk management, we have been able to provide uninterrupted service to our customers whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety. Our dedicated team of safety professionals continue to work on improving our safety measures to ensure risks are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable.

The safety and welfare of our global workforce and customers is paramount and at the forefront of each decision our crisis management teams implement. We are taking extreme measures to ensure that employees conducting on-site inspections do not pose a health risk to others on-site.

Our Employee's Safety

Across all our facilities, we have taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our employees as we continue, where possible, to prepare for our customer inspection requirements.

Due to our robust IT infrastructure we have successfully migrated all office-based employees to home working environments, and we are proud to confirm, communication with these teams can be viewed as 'business as usual'. We have successfully introduced shift working patterns among our Warehouse/ Shipment and Workshop teams, allowing them to safely adhere to social distancing guidelines.

In addition, we have introduced strict travel restrictions; all NDT Global employees are banned from travelling to high-risk areas. For all other locations, travel is being actively reviewed as we establish the business necessity and whether travel could be avoided by using virtual meetings or postponing meetings.

We will continue to follow all local government travel advice and make necessary adjustments to our travel restrictions as needed. These are just some of the many control measures we have implemented to reduce the risk of virus transmission and ensure business continuity.

Business Continuity

Business continuity plans are in place for all NDT Global facilities and functions, ensuring we meet the needs of our customers. In the event we must close a facility, we are prepared to re-distribute the work immediately to ensure there are minimal disruptions to project executions.

Close Customer and Vendor Communications

Our teams are working hard to ensure business as usual during this uncertain time, while evaluating our existing controls to identify what further actions are required. We are in regular contact with our customers so we can understand individual restrictions and requirements related to COVID-19.

The NDT Global team is looking forward to our continued relationship as we work together through these challenging times.

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COVID-19 Resources

For further information on Coronavirus COVID-19, please consult the following web-pages for expert help and information: