XPRS Ready-to-Launch Inspection Service

Be ready. Stay ready.

When a threat to liquid pipeline integrity demands a rapid response, waiting for up to 12 weeks isn’t an option.

That’s why NDT Global introduced a new offering to our portfolio: the XPRS™ Ready-to-Launch Inspection Service. When there’s an issue and you quickly need to inspect your liquid pipeline, you typically can’t wait for ultrasonic technology, which is built on-demand, to be prepared and deployed to the field. In the past, you might have settled for using a solution that was quicker to deploy but didn’t provide the quality of data that you needed to accurately assess the condition of your asset, presenting multiple problems with mitigating the threat. Inaccurate insights could result, in the worst case, in pipeline failure.

Image of NDT Global employees inspecting a pipeline

Our new XPRS service reimagines how North American liquid pipeline operators deal with integrity threats demanding a rapid response. A network of purpose-built facilities houses our fleet of XPRS tools, which are assembled in a standard range of sizes and configurations, to make sure that you no longer have to wait for extended periods for ultrasonic inspection technology. You receive the same superior quality and service that you’ve come to expect from NDT Global without needing to sacrifice the quality of your inspection data within 30 days. Even in the most critical and unexpected situations, NDT Global is the partner of choice for ensuring the integrity of your liquid pipelines.

If you’re a North American liquid pipeline operator and you’ve been challenged to get the tools you need in a short timeframe, contact us to learn how NDT Global and our new XPRS service can help you obtain the inspection data you need to make better decisions faster than ever before.

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