Pipeline Mapping

A bigger picture of your pipeline assets

The Problem

Timely inspection of pipelines can save valuable effort and resources at a later stage. Inspections give you an accurate view of the current status of your assets and provide a sound basis for decision making.

Regulations also require, pipeline operators to document the specific location of their assets - there may not always be legacy documentation available. 

The Solution

Leveraging high-end exploration technology and leading-edge software products, NDT Global can pinpoint installations, welds and anomalies in gas and liquid pipelines at the preliminary reporting stage. Inertial measurement units and gyroscopes built into our tools deliver precise information that enables our experts to identify the precise location of a flaw.

The captured data can be exported to a geographic information system (GIS), helping you better understand and visualize your pipeline and any anomalies identified. NDT Global delivers a range of specialist software products for the management and analysis of inspection data and other key metrics relating to your pipeline.

Our Technology

NDT Global recently introduced the latest generation of UT tools - Evo Series 1.0. This generation offers inspection velocities of up to 4 m/s (9 mph). These high speed tools overcome reduction of flow rates for intelligent inspection runs.

Case Studies

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  • Thanks to the NDT Global Engineering 'A Team', and work by the Sunbury Flowlines team, a plan was conceived to put the pig on a diet.

    BP Angola

  • All work was performed in accordance with Statoil's specifications and to complete satisfaction. The data results were precise and reliable and perfectly reflected the pipeline conditions. During the last years NDT has been an excellent cooperation partner for us in every respect. Precision and reliability are the cornerstones of their work.