The Cornerstone of Successful Pipeline Operations

NDT Global data analysis personnel are trained according to the latest version of ANSI/ASNT ILI-PQ-2010 In-Line Inspection Personnel Qualification and Certification Standard. Our team has a combined 580 man-years of Data Analysis experience.

Correlation of features from previous inspection runs and automated quality checks of analysis results are a standard part of this process. In case of re-inspection all known features from previous inspection runs are taken into consideration for the analysis of the new inspection run, ensuring best possible input to generate meaningful insight for subsequent assessments.

What Do We Offer?

NDT Global delivers a comprehensive inspection report. As a standard, all reports are in line with all industry standards and include any specific criteria defined by you.

A Typical Report Includes:
  • An executive summary
  • Operational details of the inspection
  • Detailed descriptions of the technology, the robot and the procedures
  • The findings, including features such as metal loss, flaws and defects
  • Information on the maximum allowable operating pressure
  • A corrosion assessment
  • Detailed descriptions and diagrams of all anomalies
  • Individual description of the pipeline condition
Non Standard Offerings Available
  • Crack assessment
  • Capture of all geo-reference data to create a pipe tally is not a standard currently
Proven Methodology
  • Capture of all geo-reference data to create a pipe tally
  • Definition of your reporting requirements, e. g. threshold values
  • Priority notification in case urgent action is needed within a short period of time
  • Fast preliminary report as a basis for decisions and prompt action
  • Classification and sizing of irregularities
  • Provision of comprehensive inspection report including all relevant finding
Your Benefits
  • Clearly presented facts and figures give you complete visibility into your pipeline
  • NDT Global’s highly skilled, experienced experts are on hand to advise and assist you throughout the project
  • Metal loss inspection, quantitative wall thickness measurement with pitting resolution
  • Data can be exported to your geographic information system to enable at-a-glance visualization of your pipeline
  • Integrity assessments visualize current pipeline performance and identify potential future problems, providing a firm basis for decision making
  • Insight at an early stage means better planning and prioritization of maintenance activities and investments
  • Provides the best resolution for pitting detection and sizing
  • Available for pipelines with 6” to 48” diameters

Our Technology

NDT Global recently introduced the latest generation of UT robots - Evo Series 1.0. This generation offers inspection velocities of up to 4 m/s (9 mph). These high speed tools overcome reduction of flow rates for intelligent inspection runs.