The Problem

Pipeline movement caused by natural phenomena is a reality that compromises the integrity of a pipeline. Excessive tensile strain can cause a direct rupture of a pipeline, while excessive compressive strain can cause local buckling or wrinkling. Such deformations ultimately cause leaks that result in lost product and environmental damage. The areas close to the circumferential welds (HAZ) are the most susceptible to bending strain. This is due to the steel not having melted, but has had its microstructure and properties altered by heat.

The Solution

Due to its use of high-resolution INS data acquisition and ability to leverage leading-edge software products, Atlas INS is the most reliable means of measuring changes in the shape of a pipeline caused by lateral forces. To calculate curvature and to derive the bending strain throughout the pipeline, NDT Global performs specialized analysis of the acquired inertial measurement unit (IMU) data. By executing Atlas INS inspections regularly, NDT Global has the ability to align two inspections to detect changes in the strain over time, and accurately pinpoint pipeline movement locations.

Our Ultrasonic Tools

Atlas INS

By leveraging high-end exploration technology and leading-edge software products, NDT Global's Atlas INS has the ability to pinpoint welds, anomalies and installations in gas and liquid pipelines, even at the preliminary reporting stage.

Atlas INS inspection delivers 3D coordinates with sub-meter accuracy. The captured data is exported to a geographic information system (GIS), helping operators better understand and visualize their pipeline and identified anomalies.


  • All work was performed in accordance with Statoil's specifications and to complete satisfaction. The data results were precise and reliable and perfectly reflected the pipeline conditions. During the last years NDT Global has been an excellent cooperation partner for us in every respect. Precision and reliability are the cornerstones of their work.


  • Thanks to the NDT Global Engineering 'A Team', and work by the Sunbury Flowlines team, a plan was conceived to put the pig on a diet.

    BP Angola

  • NDT Global showed a profound expertise and reliability. NDT Global impressed with their quality of service provided through their personnel as well as the outstanding performance of the inspection tool providing excellent data. The final reports were delivered in due time and with excellent quality. Based on this experience and the good business relationship, we are happy to recommend NDT Global for the inline inspection services.

    Open Grid Europe