Challenging Pipelines

Finding a solution that meets the needs of your challenging pipeline

Addressing Cladded Pipelines

NDT Global has extensive experience with inspections for Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) lined pipelines. Ultrasonic robots accurately measure combined wall thicknesses of the carbon steel and bonded CRA lines.

Using Ultrasonic and ART Technology

Sensors measure wall thickness without contacting the pipe wall, leaving only the polyurethane skids, discs, and odometer wheels in contact with the CRA, minimizing risk of damage to the liner. Moreover, any potential features inside the CRA liner can be detected and sized to sub-millimeter accuracy, making ultrasonics and ART more suitable for these lines than alternative magnetic ILI technologies.

Applying ART Scan Technology

Using ART Scan, the same is now possible in gas lines without having to use a liquid coupling medium. This means gas lines with a Corrosion Resistant Alloy (CRA) liner can now be inspected more easily. With CRA lines becoming more common and the complexity of new exploration and production operations on the rise, an ART gas pipeline solution is a great solution.

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