Fitness-for-purpose (FFP) analysis is an engineering study NDT Global uses to determine the capacity of a pipeline under current and future operating conditions. FFP is a fundamental tool of any integrity management program.

FFP analysis assesses the integrity of pipelines with anomalies that may have originated during manufacturing, construction, or service, such as metal loss, geometric deformations, laminations, cracks and crack-like features, all of which are detectable with our ultrasonic inline inspection robots. NDT Global combines the most advanced assessment methods such as finite element analysis with high-resolution inline inspection data to precisely assess anomalies while removing the need for conservatism.

Once we detect and measure the anomalies, we calculate the remaining resistance of the pipeline. Results are expressed in terms of failure pressure, safe pressure, or stress level. The assessment results are documented in a technical report that describes the evaluation parameters, the type and dimensions of the analyzed anomalies, methodologies used, results, conclusions, and recommendations. This accurate-to-within-millimeters answer also helps you avoid unnecessary repairs or pressure restrictions.

Our Technology

NDT Global uses the most accurate and innovative ultrasonic technology on the market to inspect your pipelines. The data we provide is added value that you can put back into your integrity management program, all while ensuring our promises are kept: pipeline integrity, cost reduction, and protecting the environment.