The Problem

Accurate and up-to-date insight into your pipeline’s structural integrity helps you optimize costs. You can prioritize maintenance tasks, investments and mission-critical decisions with answers to your questions: Does the pipeline fulfill its functional purpose? Are day-to-day operations being hampered by flaws or anomalies? What is the expected remaining lifetime of your asset?

The Solution

Using NDT Global’s state-of-the-art robots to conduct inline inspections, our experts perform a detailed assessment of your pipeline’s integrity. Using specialized software, we meticulously analyze data on metal loss, cracks, geometric faults and other irregularities and compile in-depth assessments and fitness-for-purpose studies. Moreover, we tailor these reports to your specific goals and requirements—ensuring you receive a service that entirely meets your needs and helps you optimize costs.

Our Technology

We use the most accurate and innovative ultrasonic technology on the market to inspect your pipelines to provide value that you can put back into your Integrity Management Program, all while keeping in mind our common goals: pipeline integrity, cost reduction and protecting the environment