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Metal Loss Inspection Principle

Anomalies such as corrosion and gouging can significantly reduce pipe wall thickness. Accurately measuring pipe wall thickness and determining the safe operating pressure are paramount for pipeline integrity.

The Evo Series 1.0 tools detect, size and locate metal loss features in the pipe wall with unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.
The UMp service reliably detects defects and sizes as small as 5 mm (0.2 in) which represents a two-fold improvement in the minimum sizing threshold. Higher accuracy is provided at a 90% certainty to ensure accurate input to integrity models and reduce the costs associated with verification and remediation.
The service is available with an industry leading axial sampling of 0.75 mm (0.03 in) as part of the UMp+ configuration. Corrosion inspections can be combined with geometry or crack inspections for maximum efficiency.