Technology for Future and Aging Pipelines

- Gent, Belgium

About the event

The Technology for Future and Ageing Pipelines Conference (TFAP), scheduled for 19-21 October 2021, draws on the legacy of two events previously organised by Rudi Denys (Universiteit Gent) and John Tiratsoo (Tiratsoo Technical) - the Pipeline Technology Conference and the Ageing Pipelines Conference. 

Building on this legacy, TFAP is aimed at sharing knowledge and featuring the latest achievements relative to the assessment, use and maintenance of both ageing high-pressure (cross-country/offshore) transmission pipeline systems and ageing low-pressure distribution pipeline systems. This three-day conference will attract top researchers, engineers and decision-makers from pipeline research and academia. 

NDT Global Paper Presentations:

  • Rogelio Guajardo: "Understanding the Detection Capabilities of an Ultrasonic Crack ILI Robot in a Dent"

  • Rogelio Guajardo: "High-Resolution Inspections for Crack Detection: The Next Level of Accuracy"

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Technology for Future and Aging Pipelines (TFAP)
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