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The world is rapidly moving towards developing sustainable Infrastructure with the focus on corrosion free materials for effective optimizing corrosion controls and reduction in lifecycle costs. Corrosion-control and mitigation at the initial design and construction stage of assets is more rewarding in the long run-in terms of increased safety, performance, asset life, environment protection and operational cost-effectiveness. Overall, the global cost of corrosion is estimated to be in trillions. In India corrosion is believed to impact approx. 4 per cent of the country's GDP and the ever-growing environmental threat calls for urgent and appropriate measures .

CORCON ,the annual conference and expo on corrosion science and engineering held in India, is the largest event of its kind in Asia, attracting participation from academic and research institutions, public and private sector organizations including defense establishments and professionals. This event offers an excellent platform for exchange of information on matters concerning corrosion, learning about existing and upcoming products and technologies and networking. As the world faces more and more challenges with ageing infrastructure, it is imperative for advocates of corrosion mitigation to unite and address the problem. Each year over 1000 industry leaders from around the world come together at CORCON, in an effort to tackle corrosion issues, and inform participants of the latest solutions and methods.

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