Blog: XPRS – Accurate and Rapid Insights: Yes, It’s Possible

With continued improvement and enhancements, the pipeline inspection industry has significantly evolved. Robust inspection technology has improved the accuracy of data insights so operators can be confident they are taking the right actions, backed by expert risk analysis. 

If a pipeline asset displays any reason to suspect the presence of an injurious defect, operators must complete an immediate inspection of their assets due to the potential consequences of line failure or rupture. In such instances, time to deploy enhanced ultrasonic technologies can take up to 12 weeks. This lead time can be a major barrier to the peace of mind that comes with full transparency and compliance. To mitigate unplanned downtime, reduced productivity, and decreased profits, operators may turn to lower-quality solutions that do not provide as accurate or actionable insights. When "good-enough" technologies are deployed in a pipeline, the risks of leakage or rupture increase, posing severe hazards to people and the environment. There is also an added risk of under-informed decisions leading to unnecessary remediations and otherwise avoidable costs.

At NDT Global, we recognize the need for a cost-effective, ready-to-go service that delivers ultra-high-tech solutions and critical insights with a faster time to deployment. When you need access to the most accurate data but can’t afford months of waiting, XPRS™ is your answer.

What is XPRS?

XPRS is a ready-to-launch inspection service providing threat identification and measurement via ultrasonic technologies (UT). Based on our innovative, market-leading diagnostic technologies, our XPRS tools combine detection, sizing, and identification for maximum insight and actionability. A full range of potential defects, including axial and circumferential cracks, metal loss, dents, deformations, and ovalities, are diagnosable with the highest level of accuracy. 

XPRS includes ready-to-go tools for ultrasonic crack, metal loss, and geometry inspections with different configurations and sizes available. Diameters range from 8" – 16" with more to come in the future.

Reimagining Threat Response

XPRS is positioned to help operators reimagine threat response in significant ways, including:

  • 30-Day Turnaround Time

XPRS significantly cuts the time between need recognition and actual inspection from 12 weeks to 30 days or less. We shorten this timeframe by using a network of facilities to house our fleet of XPRS tools and enable rapid deployment to the pipeline. Once an order is made, the required tool is promptly prepared and delivered to the operator's launch site. 

  • Extensive Data Insight

XPRS promises to negate the above-mentioned sacrifices that operators face when working with low-quality data by offering the best threat identification and measurement certainty possible. This innovative offering enables operators to confidently make decisions regarding their assets, avoid unnecessary remediations, and improve operational efficiencies.

  • Unplanned and Short Turnaround Inspections

XPRS is specifically designed to meet the demand of unplanned and short turnaround inspections. It stands ready for even the most unexpected situations - with a short time to deployment and extensive insights - making it an innovative and agile solution. With XPRS, pipeline operators can be confident that they have the right tools to quickly and accurately assess the condition of their pipelines, even in tight turnaround situations.

Final Thoughts

At NDT Global, we build the best technology to provide operators with the best insights, enabling them to make the best decisions about their assets. Accountability, customer-centricity, and technology are the hallmarks of NDT Global - and in turn, XPRS. 

Contact us today to learn more about how XPRS can help you get the precise insights you need in a fraction of the time.