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Webinar - Ultrasonic Crack Inspection: Why High Resolution?

NDT Global today announces the final webinar in the 2018 Technology Webinar series: Ultrasonic Crack Inspection: Why High-Resolution?

On Tuesday, December 4th - 10am CST/ 9am MST, specialists Rogelio Guajardo and Cory Wargacki will touch on the history of high-resolution crack inspection, explore the advantages of high-resolution ILI robots and provide assessments on the most common cracking defects cases that hold weight in the industry today.

An accuracy update on NDT Global's robots will be provided along with a technology breakdown. The current detection capability is provided at 90% certainty to ensure precise input to integrity models while also reducing the costs to operators. The new Enhanced Sizing capability for UT crack inspections removes the depth sizing boundary for depths above 4 mm (0.16 in) and offers high-accuracy depth sizing up to 100% wall thickness.

Rogelio Guajardo, Global Manager, UC Data Analysis, the link between the analysis department and research team, provides a quick, one-minute overview of high-resolution and enhanced sizing to prep you for the upcoming webinar. Watch here!

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