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Removing Uncertainty in Ultrasonic Crack Inspection

NDT Global recently introduced the Enhanced Sizing capability to its ultrasonic (UT) crack inspection service. Before the introduction of Enhanced Sizing, there was an industry-wide uncertainty for crack depth sizing for depths anywhere above 4 mm (0.16 in), highlighted in the image below. Previously, for flaws above this threshold, a level of uncertainty existed. While the sizing of cracks with depths above 4.0 mm (0.16 in) was feasible, the uncertainty associated with it lead operators to adopt a conservative approach in their pipeline integrity management programs. 

Anything above the 4.0 mm threshold was previously subject to speculation. There was no level of certainty when it came to sizing cracks in this range. With its new Enhanced Sizing capability, NDT Global removed this limitation. The innovation brings with it highly accurate depth sizing up to 100% wall thickness.

NDT Global's decision to develop and introduce this service to the industry underlines its commitment to seek continuous improvement in its offering to the market. Falling in line with the API standard of introduction of new developments in pipeline inspection, NDT Global planned and executed a strategy that took advantage of its leading-edge research and development from the most experienced UT crack inspection team in the industry. This process involved:

  • Identifiying a problem/solution
  • Securing analyst feedback
  • Conducting in-house research and expertise
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Testing - small and full scale
  • Presenting the solution to market

With more accurate and in-depth information about their pipelines, operators now have the ability to conduct a more proactive, rather than reactive, integrity management program. The removal of the limitations of existing crack inspection processes provides operators with more accurate data for better-informed decision making about their pipelines. With this in mind, the introduction of more accurate information will ultimately result in safer pipelines.

For more information, please contact your local NDT Global representative.

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