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Project update: Statoil’s ÅSGARD inspection contract

NDT Global and Statoil today announced the suspension of the ÅSGARD pipeline robot build project. Following a review of the detailed design and the integrity requirements of this pipeline, the chosen EMAT technology is no longer presenting an efficient solution for NDT Global; therefore a mutual decision was reached to suspend this project. 

Prior to this decision, NDT Global has successfully passed Milestone 4 in the development process of the EMAT wall thickness technology and inspection tool for the ÅSGARD pipeline. 

NDT Global Chief Engineer Technology Services Wolfgang Schaefer commented, "Our engineering team have achieved outstanding results to invent, develop and validate the technology for the direct measurement of wall thicknesses of up to 55mm in gas pipelines. This technology was applied in a multi-diameter tool, capable of inspecting both 28” and 42” nominal diameter for the line’s sizable 707 km length." 

However, further testing to prove this technology remains. This accomplished engineering team have been re-assigned to other technology development projects, where they will apply the skills and experience gathered during this EMAT technology and tool development project. Their aim is to perfect the measurement technology, replace hydrostatic testing and achieve the overall corporate goal of eliminating pipeline failures caused by material defects. These projects, some in close partnership with NDT Global's customers, are in accordance with the technology and product roadmap. 

NDT Global continues to service Statoil with inline inspections under a long-term framework agreement.

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