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Data Analysis for High Accuracy Inspections

For pipeline operators to avoid failures, it is integral you have the highest confidence in the data analysis they receive following an inline inspection (ILI). NDT Global works closely with operators to ensure that they can trust they are receiving the most meaningful insights into their assets.

One customer validation that highlights accuracy has been with our high-resolution pinhole and pitting (UMp) metal loss inspection service. Outlined below, this example presents the higher accuracy provided by the ultrasonic metal loss inspection service offered by NDT Global.

Above is a unity plot, highlighting NDT Global's capabilities to size anomalies within specified tolerances, with a minimum 90% certainty. Such tight tolerances underline the accuracy of the service, which is unparalleled in the industry.

Exceeding Analytical Expectations

In the example given, a client approached NDT Global with results from an independently conducted non-destructive examination (NDE), corresponding to a pipeline corrosion inspection. This information consisted of 57 external metal loss anomalies with the following characteristics:

  • Specified UMp depth tolerance: 0.4 mm (0.016 in)
  • Estimated NDE depth tolerance: 0.25 mm (0.010 in)
  • Anomaly lengths and widths starting at 20 mm (0.8 in)

From the given information, NDT Global successfully sized 55 of 57 (95%) of anomalies within specified tolerances, with a standard deviation of 0.24 mm (0.010 in). Given that NDT Global's performance specifications state its certainty is 90%, the UMp service exceeded expectation and over-performed.

These results underline the accuracy and high-spec performance of NDT Global's UMp service. This includes both the UMp and UMp+ technologies.

Showcasing Experience and Knowledge in Data Analysis

An integral element of NDT Global's entire pipeline inspection solution offering is its well-developed data validation procedures. Aligned with ASNT-ILI-PQ standards, our team's experience and ongoing training programs puts them into the best position to deliver the highest quality services to operators.

As part of the data analysis process, our team correlates features identified in previous inspection runs on a pipeline and conducts automated and individual quality checks of analysis results. All reports conducted and delivered by NDT Global are in line with industry standards.

Information surrounding the data analysis process has become increasingly pertinent in the inline inspection (ILI) industry. With this in mind, the experienced (10+ years) and highly skilled project leads of NDT Global's data analysis team are continually available to consult and collaborate with the customer. This ensures that customers receive support with any issues throughout the process and that NDT Global meets their needs.

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