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The Importance of River-Bottom Profiles for Pipeline Integrity Management

When conducting ongoing pipeline integrity management programs, it is vital for operators to have access to as much information regarding potential corrosive activity on their…

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Atlas UG - A New Level of Accuracy for Dent Detection

The introduction of NDT Global's Atlas ultrasonic geometry (UG) service provides operators more access to geometric information about their pipelines than ever before. When conducting…

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Crack inspection solutions for all features

No matter the origin of features that form in pipelines due to cracking, the presence of such deformations compromise the integrity of pipelines. In the…

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Crack depth sizing without depth restriction

On Wednesday, 3 rd May 2017, at the 12 th annual Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) in Berlin, Germany, NDT Global's Principal ILI Technology Consultant Herbert…

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Removing Uncertainty in Ultrasonic Crack Inspection

NDT Global recently  introduced the Enhanced Sizing capability to its ultrasonic (UT) crack inspection service. Before the introduction of Enhanced Sizing, there was an industry-wide…

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