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Evo Series 1.0 Atlas UG

Combined geometry and metal-loss inspection 

A combined geometry and ultrasonic ILI inspection tool delivering precise measurement with improved efficiency. Combining a corrosion or crack assessment with ultrasonic based geometry measurement enables a comprehensive inspection in a single run. Using ultrasonic technology ensures precise direct measurement of dents with a depth resolution down to 0.1 mm (0.004 in). 

Multiple datasets are gathered in a single inspection without time consuming calibration. Combined inspections enhance identification of combined features as the data is fully aligned. Data analysis now utilizes this combined data with improved identification of cracking or corrosion associated with dents.  

The use of high-resolution ultrasonic geometry ensures complete coverage of the pipe wall. This coverage is maintained in bends with no loss of data. The absence of any mechanical  calipers ensures that there is no risk of damage to the tool and allows the flexibility to perform bi-directional inspections.


  • Measurement performance and accuracy
  • No pre-run or post-run calibration required
  • Interactions between different feature types can be detected
  • Contactless sensing - no risk of damage to sensor
  • Detection, identification and sizing capabilities of dents, ovalities, buckles, wrinkles, offtakes, roof toppings & out of roundness, dents with metal loss and/or corrosion
  • Available for pipelines with 6" to 20" diameters